Disposable Coolers

Posted Apr 17, 2012
Disposable Coolers

100% Recyclable and biodegradable.  Say goodbye to the toxic Styrofoam coolers.  This innovative new products is leak free and will hold your drinks and ice for any outdoor activity without having the negative impact on the environment.

  • Verified testing data showing leak proof for up to 36 hours
  • Proprietary FDA approved coating that provides a water barrier and makes cooler water resistant
  • The glue on the cooler has a water resistance adhesive additive that helps resists glue joints from separating when wet
  • Coolers can be used several times if handled properly

For retailers this patented new product folds flat for shipping and display.   Foxworthy Outdoors can help create custom displays for your stores and help push the “green initiative” as environmental awareness continues to become more important to end users and companies.  Contact brent@foxworthyoutdoors.com for further information.