Deer Trac

Posted Apr 13, 2012
Deer Trac

Give deer a feast they can’t resist.  Foxworthy Outdoors and Helena Chemicals have joined forces to create DeerTrac. 

This product will keep deer coming back for seconds on your food plot. Deer Trac is an nutritional supplement that gives the forage in your food plot a taste that the deer crave. Trials conducted on Foxworthy Farms and at several universities show that deer will walk through untreated areas to feed on vegetation where DeerTrac has been applied. Deer Trac is absorbed through the plant’s root system creating a healthier, better tasting, more palatable plant.

The application is also very simple with this being a granular product. Just apply it to actively growing food plots and get out of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeerTrac?

DeerTrac is a granular forage supplement that improves the palatability of treated forage and attracts deer to the treated areas.

How do I use DeerTrac?

DeerTrac can be applied to actively growing plants at a broadcast rate of 40 lbs per acre using a fertilizer spreader.

When should DeerTrac be applied?

DeerTrac should be applied to areas that you want to attract deer to ahead of a rain and at least 2 weeks prior to when you plan to hunt this area.

How does DeerTrac work?

Once the treated vegetation receives rainfall, the DeerTrac moves into the soil and is taken up by the plant. About two weeks after rainfall activation, deer will sense the presence of the DeerTrac in the plant and will prefer the DeerTrac treated vegetation.

How long does DeerTrac last?

Studies have shown that DeerTrac is present in the treated plants for at least 30 days.

How does DeerTrac compare to feed based attractants?

DeerTrac is a unique product, since it is not a grain or rice bran based product. Since DeerTrac  is taken up by the plant and is present in the plant for at least 30 days, it does not have to be re-applied  like corn, rice bran or other grain based attractants and is not subject to consumption by hogs, raccoons, rodents or other animals.