About Us

Foxworthy LodgeSpending time outdoors has always been a passion for me, a place where I can go and sit on a tractor or a tree stand and simply forget about the demands of life and reflect. Whether it’s spending an afternoon on the lake fishing with my daughter or simply enjoying the sunset on the back porch with my family, these are the times that I value. Though I’m no Theodore Roosevelt, I do have a passion that runs consistent with millions of Americans…the Great Outdoors. And it’s through the outdoors where many of us find relief from the everyday chaos that we call life.

Foxworthy Outdoors was formed not only as an outlet for me to showcase my love for fresh air and big whitetails but also as a standard in which we can carry over that unique passion into our everyday lives.  We want our brand to resonate both in the woods and at your backyard barbeque with your redneck Uncle Ned. Our desire is to provide an online hub where you can ask questions, learn more about how we manage our property, and watch videos that both entertain and serve to make you a better land manager. Simply put, we want you to enjoy the outdoors with us.

Our mission at Foxworthy Outdoors is to promote good stewardship of the outdoors while improving the quality of life for those you love. From a game of backyard football to a day in the woods hunting or exploring, we at Foxworthy Outdoors invite you to…Take it Outdoors and Live it Up!