The Gift of Bowhunting

Posted Dec 7, 2011
The Gift of Bowhunting

During the past five years I have found myself more engaged in overcoming the challenges of hunting with a bow. While I’m all for letting the ol’ rifle roar, my passion for bowhunting continues to grow year after year. So why a blog on bowhunting in December? We’ll, I’m just obsessed with it and can’t help it.

Several years ago a bug was planted in this sculpted body of mine by a close friend. He gave me a bow and told me to go kill something with it. So I responded like any man would, “Sure. Not a problem. How hard can it really be?”

And so I learned my first lesson in bowhunting a few weeks later. This bowhunting stuff is not easy, and that’s what hooked me.

I remember my first encounter with a doe. I was shaking. I’d seen hundreds of does walk within 30 yards of me before, but there was something about this stick and string that made me shake. And shake bad.

Since that day, I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest a few deer with my bow. I’ve also had my fair share of shirttails cut as well. But the emotion and interaction that bowhunting gives me is something that I never want to lose. It gives me a sense of life that few other things can.

Maybe I’m writing this bowhunting blog because I know my days left in this year are limited, which really makes me want to just crawl into the fetal position and cry. But I’m not. I’ll hold it together. But there’s something you need to know about bowhunting if you currently don’t do it: You need to start!

I’m serious. Get a bow. Ask Santa for one. Ask your wife, girlfriend or grandma. Then make snide comments about us bowhunters that miss. Ask yourself, “How hard can it be?” And learn for yourself what buck fever is. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a buck.

Bowhunting is a gift. I hope each of you receive it this Christmas. And when you do, learn to appreciate it.

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