From Shot to Pot: Out of the Woods, into the Mall

Posted Oct 18, 2012
From Shot to Pot: Out of  the Woods, into the Mall

By: Kim Howe

This story takes place a couple of years after I shot my first whitetail buck. With a few bucks and does underneath my belt, I was starting to get more confident in my hunting ability. But like any other 15-year-old girl, I liked to hang out with my friends both in and out of the woods.

This particular morning was the first day of doe season in Pennsylvania – which by the way, happens to be another school holiday. The night before, I went out with my very best friend, Heather, and we had a great time. I spent the night at her house with the intentions of waking up early and hunting on her family's farm the following morning.

The best intentions of waking up early turned into an after 8 a.m. wakeup call – quite late in the hunting world. Nevertheless, we both suited up with our hunting clothes and set out into the woods.

We must have had a blast the night before because were giggling and talking to one another as we made our way to the deer stand. While trying to catch my breath between all the talking I was doing, I looked up and to my amazement there was a doe standing broadside directly in front of us on the dirt road 100 yards away. I think if you could have taken a picture of the surprise look on both my the doe’s face, it would definitely portray the saying, “deer-in-the- headlights” for both of us. In a standing position with my trusty Ruger .250-3000, it was second nature for me to quickly draw my gun up and fire a perfect shot. The whitetail doe dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Heather and I looked at each other in astonishment. We were late to getting into the woods, and we were also talking a mile a minute – all big “NO-NO's” of hunting etiquette. But within 5 minutes from her house, our hunt was over.

I started to field dress the doe and was taking my sweet old time until Heather yelled at me, "Give me the knife, we don't have all day because we have shopping to do!"

I gladly handed her the knife and she quickly dressed out the deer. We loaded the deer into her truck and dropped it off at the deer processors. By noon, we were at the mall shopping. This my friends is how this 15-year-old girl hunted that year and how more priceless hunting memories were made.

Now it's time for me to take you from the Shot to the Pot! There is nothing better than preparing and eating something that I had killed, so I will share with you one of my favorite and easiest recipes!


Grilled Venison Kabobs


1 Venison Roast

1 package cream cheese

Favorite barbecue sauce

Sliced Jalapenos

1 package sliced bacon


1 venison roast - Cubed into 1 to 2 inch pieces


Marinate cubes in favorite barbecue sauce for at least 8 hours.

Place on each cubed piece of venison - a pat of cream cheese and a couple of sliced jalapeno peppers

Wrap with a slice of bacon

Seal with damp toothpicks (place toothpicks in water for a couple of hours, this will prevent the toothpicks from catching on fire when on the grill)

Place each kabob onto grill for approximately 6 to 10 minutes or until done.

So easy, so good!

Kim currently resides with her two children and motley crew of animals outside of Pine Mountain, Ga. She was brought up in a family of avid outdoorsman in Central Pennsylvania and learning to shoot and hunt was an instrumental part of her upbringing. A shooting career as part of the U.S. Shooting Team and U.S. Army Marksmanship team provided her with wonderful hunting opportunities. Her blog, posted every other Thursday, will add a woman's perspective and humor into the hunting world along with recipes.

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