Recent Whitetail Entries

  • The Rut Arrives at The Foxworthy Farm
    Nov 18, 2011

    The Rut Arrives at The Foxworthy Farm

    Jeff gets his hunt on at the Foxworthy Farm!

    This past week, The Foxworthy Farm was a wonderland of deer activity. With the rut underway, the deer are dogged in their pursuit to breed – moving with no rhyme or reason other than to find a mate. It is the best time to be a hunter, and Jeff put the land management on hold to enjoy the woods and... read more

  • Figuring Out What’s There
    Sep 21, 2011

    Figuring Out What’s There

    The use of trail cameras in whitetail deer managment.

    Trail cameras are one of the most beneficial tools in managing a deer herd. Just about every landowner or hunting club out there has a few trail cameras laying around camp, so why not put those cameras to good use gathering information that can help you better manage your deer herd? So you have some land,... read more