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  • Learning From Our Past
    Jan 4, 2012

    Learning From Our Past

    After 30 years of working in the agriculture chemical and fertilizer buisness and a lifetime of...

    I’m old fashioned.  I still hunt with a Winchester pre-64 model 70 in 30-06, topped off with a 1960’s Weaver K4 scope.  My wife, Kathy, bought me for Christmas, a Remington model 721 bolt action in .270 with a vintage 2.5-7 Weaver scope on pivot mounts.  It shoots like a... read more

  • The Best Gift of All
    Dec 21, 2011

    The Best Gift of All

    I am thankful for the many gifts of Christmas, but one stands out over all the rest.

    My wife is big on thank you notes.  Anytime she receives a gift she immediately acknowledges the give.  She has taught our daughter to do likewise.  Unfortunately, my manners are sometimes not as good. My mother jokes that my children are spoiled rotten and the same is true for me.  I... read more

  • Winter Pond Management
    Dec 15, 2011

    Winter Pond Management

    Work to perform in the winter to prepare for a great fishing season.

    Aquatic Environmental Services has been involved with Foxworthy Farms to help achieve their goal of having a pond to wet a line in. It has been an outstanding project from design, construction, stocking and management standpoint.  We will be updating you on the progress of this lake.  So far some... read more

  • Bribe Winter Whitetails with Late Season Food Sources
    Dec 13, 2011

    Bribe Winter Whitetails with Late Season Food Sources

    If you want to attract, retain and see more deer in the late season, you need to bribe with food.

    The old saying “find the food, find the deer” couldn’t be more true during the late season. An abundance of winter hardy plots is vital not only in the broad scheme of an overall nutrition plan but also helps deer retention, recruitment and better hunting success. As a land manager at... read more

  • The Gift of Bowhunting
    Dec 7, 2011

    The Gift of Bowhunting

    I'm hooked on bowhunting, and I hope you are too because it gives a sense of life few other things...

    During the past five years I have found myself more engaged in overcoming the challenges of hunting with a bow. While I’m all for letting the ol’ rifle roar, my passion for bowhunting continues to grow year after year. So why a blog on bowhunting in December? We’ll, I’m just obsessed... read more